At KEGA, we’ve acquired an exceptional level of experience working with nonprofit organizations. Our professionals care about more than just numbers and understand the complex tasks not-for-profit organizations face.


Take a look at how our not-for-profit team can assist in your financial reporting:

  • Prepare 501(c) (3) applications for new nonprofit organizations.
  • Secure your organization’s tax-exempt status by preparing all IRS reporting, including Form 990 and 990T, income statements and balance sheets.
  • Clearly disclose sources of income such as charitable donations, membership fees, and investment income with income statements and revenue support schedules.
  • Demonstrate responsible use of charitable donations with functional expense statements and individual program expense statements.


We are fully vested in your success, so we offer many services that alleviate you of time-consuming tasks. Spend your time fulfilling your business mission when you have KEGA:

  • Improve your organization’s efficiency with accounting staff training.
  • Compile accurate financial data to help you make sound management decisions.
  • Design, install, and maintain the most effective accounting system for your organization.
  • Deliver timely weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly employee payroll—including tax filings and deposits.
  • Prepare pastoral housing allowance and other required benefit documents to meet the complex dual status of ministers (for churches).


We serve as more than your accounting firm, we are your trusted partner. As such, let us help you:

  • Manage risk, minimize fraud, and control costs with stronger internal controls.
  • Train your board on nonprofit financial statement usage and effective budgeting practices.
  • Assure your board and donors your financial statements are in order and your organization complies with the latest regulatory requirements.


Contact us today and request a free consultation.

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