Condominium & Homeowners Associations

You need a CPA firm that is uniquely qualified to support the needs of your association.  Our firm stays consistently current on condominium and homeowner association developments and issues to ensure the highest quality service and sound, expert guidance.

Our firm has the experience required to meet your needs. Consider all we offer:

Experience—We understand the condominium association industry—we currently provide accounting, taxation, and consulting services to numerous associations along the East Coast of Florida. Our team is comprised of highly responsive, dedicated professionals with years of experience within the condominium industry. We are familiar with the operations of a condominium association and the related Florida Statutes and Administrative Code as it relates to the industry. As a result, we are better prepared to deliver the skills necessary and ensure a quality financial statement and the delivery of sound business advice.

Value—In addition to traditional accounting and tax services, our firm also offers management consulting options. These options provide associations, as well as unit owners, with financial advice and guidance in the areas of:

  • Investments — We offer advice on the best investing alternatives for excess available funds. Our goal is to help associations secure maximum return on invested funds while keeping risk at a minimum.
  • Budgets/Reserve Studies — We provide guidance on preparation of detailed budgets for controlling costs. In addition, we are also available to consult on alternatives for financing large reserve expenditures.
  • Tax Planning — We ensure that our clients pay the least amount of taxes legally due, while taking precautions to minimize risk of audit.

Quality—KEGA guarantees the quality of our audit work via a dedication to rigid internal quality control procedures. In fact, KEGA undergoes a tri-annual external peer review, which has shown no significant weaknesses and confirmed assurance of quality audit work across the board.

We have the experience required to support your association’s needs.

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