We think of ourselves as fast, fun and furious, and very flexible, which is a key word. Key because KEGA prides itself on providing staff with a flexible work environment, which has helped the firm win a "Best Places to Work" award for several years running.

We also believe in another important key: technology. We feel It's very important for all staff, including new hires, to be in an environment where they have access to the latest and greatest in terms of technology, resources and materials to help them grow in their careers. Our firm is committed to providing our staff members with excellent office set ups, both at home and in our office. This commitment allows staff to go home early, have dinner with the kids, and put in a few hours of work in the evening if needed. Or when they're traveling, it's easy to check in from any location. We all appreciate the flexibility and the ability to connect at any time, and we're a lot more productive as a result of embracing the technology resources and advances for our business and for our clients.